When our team looks at a deal there is over 100 years of experience in its eyes

One of the unique elements in the sucess of 601w is the level of teamwork, which is a result of many years of working closely together in all facets of commercial real estate. All of the prinicipals and associates in 601w are seasoned veterans with decades of experience in their fields of expertise.

The members of our team, whether in property acquisition and negotation, asset management and support staff, engineering, legal, brokerage, or leasing have been a part of 601w from the outset and are each very experienced and savvy in their areas of responsibility. The outside professionals who represent 601w have been associated with it since its inception and have been available to 601w around the clock if the demands of a negoation have required it.

Case Study

Bank of America Center, San Francisco

A remarkable story of foresight, boldness and exceptional timing.

The 601w Companies Experience Case Study: Bank of America Center.

In 2004, the commerical real estate market in San Francisco was in the midst of its dramatic decline. Rental rates, which had previously topped $100 per s/f, were now in the $30-40 range. Due to their relationships in the national brokerage community, the principals of 601w were made aware of a pre-market possibility to purchase the Bank of America Center, the largest Class A building in the city. Following considerable due diligence, and with great foresight, the principals recognized the inherent value of this magnificent trophy building in its unique market, and based on their experience, analysis and market savvy, sensed the downward spiral was close to its end.

601w acquired this world-class trophy asset in September 2004, with a REIT as its minority preferred equity partner. The total of the purchase price and capital raise was approximately $850,000,000. As the property was being repositioned by 601w, the market began to improve and the leasing team raised rental rates and signed leases at $60 - $75 per s/f. Because of its exceptional timing, 601w was able to sell the property within two years of acquisition and achieved a 150% return on its partners' investment.