Smart Investments...

Smart Returns

601w has achieved a high level of success because of its significant relationships, which exist in all areas of industry. First and and foremost is the core investor group, which has invested with 601w for the past decade and a half. This group is comprised of foreign and domestic individuals, as well as hedge funds and private equity vehicles who join together specifically in order to invest alongside 601w.

In addition, 601w enjoys special relationships with owners, brokers and procurers of deals. The prinicpals of 601w have been engaged in repeated business with a number of notable realtors for nearly a quarter of a century, and as a result, are often given the first opportunity at off-market transactions. Finally, are 601w's key relationships with institutional lenders (both senior and mezzanine), preferred equity partners and equity partners who invest side by side with 601w. Its flexibility in structure, willingness to be the first money at risk, and sensitivity to the investment requirements of the various segments of the financial community are key elements to the loyalty that 601w's relationships have engendered.

Case Study

The Starrett Lehigh Building, NYC

The ability to see a future when others saw a factory.

The 601w Companies Creativity Case Study: The Starrett Lehigh Building.

In August 1998, the principals of 601w successfully outbid thirty competitors for this 2.3 million s/f manufacturing warehouse behemoth with a unique, landmarked architectural design. The building had substantial vacancies(40%) and very sizable operating losses. 601w's vision was to creatively transform the manufacturing building, which was situated in an unsafe and deserted neighborhood in the far west side of Manhattan, with rental rates averaging $5 per s/f, into a creative arts, media and technology center renting at five times its then current average.

Today, the property has been converted into the epicenter for the gentrification and rehabiliation of the entire West Chelsea neighborhood, with world-renowned tenants in the media and design industries. The property was refinanced twice within five years of acquisition. Eighteen months after the second refinance, the principals of 601w sold a 49.9% interest in the building at a value of 4 times its original price! In 2011 the property was sold for $950 million, a value of nearly 6.5x it's original purchase price.