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  • Bankofamerica Sold
  • Aveamericas Sold
  • Aegoncenter
  • 20street
  • Steeltower

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The principals of 601w oversee one of America’s leading private real estate acquisition, ownership, development and management portfolios in the country.

Over the past 15 years, 601w has acquired a number of substantial and well-known commercial properties throughout the country, aggregating 24 million square feet, with a collective value in excess of $5 billion. In relation to these deals, 601w has raised more than $1 billion in equity, mostly from longstanding investors, and has consummated transactions involving 32 major office buildings, including 11 in Manhattan.

The local properties of 601w are centrally managed from its main offices in New York City, located at the Starrett Lehigh Building. Out-of-town properties are managed by national real estate firms which handle the day-to-day operations of the properties, under the supervision of the principals of 601w, and communicate with asset managers of 601w on a daily basis. 601w issues complete reports on a quarterly basis. All major management, leasing, financing and sale decisions are made by the principals of 601w.

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